Monday, 7 June 2010

Being a Social Bee, or, Thing 4. My take on blog info. and titles.

I've been a real busy bee visiting all the Cam23 flowers out there.  I must say that I'm most impressed with what I've seen. Well done Cam23! You all look like seasoned bloggers to me. Although one thing does peeve me slightly ; the fact that I can't work out who many of you are. I guess I've been pretty up front about putting my name and ugly mug on everything, and some people aren't comfortable with doing with that I know, but just a little more info. would be really helpful. You don't have to put your full name, address and telephone number (in fact you shouldn't!) but a little info about who you are helps to engage the reader and is more likely to create a follower. You're writing good stuff, be proud and debunk that shy retiring librarian myth. Hang your cardies out there and reap some credit! Isn't this what social media is all about?

On a further note about being a busy bee, thanks to the Girl in the Moon I now have a Cam23 reading list set up in Google Reader. I can see that I have 299 unread posts and the reality of it is that I will not get round to reading everything. No way Pedro. Which brings me on to titles and how important they are. When scanning a list in Reader I will be unashamedly attracted to the the most colourful flowers out there i.e., the ones that look interesting and tell me something about what lurks beneath. Time is of the essence and I will not click through to anything when I don't know if there will be any nectar. Judging by what I have just said and looking back at some of my blog titles, I would change them. But this is what this programme is about, learning on the job and bee-ing better!


  1. Oh dear, I suppose I'm a terrible example of being upfront about who I am, aren't I? I've been thinking about writing a post on this very subject, but briefly for now, I think that being anonymous (or fairly anonymous) gives me a chance to take a few risks while I find my feet and work out what I'm doing. At some point in an exercise like this with a fairly closed group of participants it's bound to become obvious who and where I am, and then I'll break cover and share a little more info.

  2. Yes I agree about having problems working out who is who [though quite fun if you have the time]... especially as I'm trying to find some relatively local co-23ers. Shall add to my profile this minute [all lies of course]

  3. Sometimes when people are using various applications with the same 'name' a quick Google search gives you some clues. (of course I have two Google accounts so it depends on which one I am using at the time whether I am libchris or just Chris!
    I admit my 'about me' on my blog is a little sparse at the moment, but that was more down to a mental block of what to say than trying to hide anything :)