Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Things 1 & 2 - iGoogle and others...

I am having a bit of trouble with Blogger at the moment, so apologies if this post feels a bit jangly, it is reflecting my nerves. The Blogger image uploader just isn't playing ball, hence the visual desert that is Marsh's B(l)og. Grrrrrrrr.

I will work it out I'm sure and will blog about it when I have done so!! That's the spirit.

So, Things 1 and 2. i.e. , IGoogle homepage and adding an RSS feed to said page.

I've had IGoogle as my homepage for a little over a year now so it was already there popping up like a good little homepage every startup. I like it. I find it easy to use.

(ha ha! Finally got a screenshot in!)

It keeps my 'stuff' in order and saves me time. In true British fashion I like to know what the weather is doing. Hey presto, there's an app for that! (ooopps, brainwashed by Apple) I mean, there's a box for that. I like to have the Google map page handy. Hey presto, there's a box for that. I like to have a virtual To Do list. Hey pretso, etc, etc. The GOOD thing is that it saves me time. I don't have to open a BBC page every time I need to know whether it's welly weather. I don't have to open Google Maps every time I need directions to a library.

IGoogle is to me a basic online PA. I haven't yet found it useful in the wider library world. I set up a 'Library Things' tag and the libraries widget is there to be used if needs be, but I still find myself going to my Newton bookmark, or COPAC bookmark for the full screen experience. I'll be interested to read what other people do and think with regards to IGoogle and libraries.

As for Pageflakes, I had a flirtation with her (if a start page is female??) back in 2007. It didn't last and I didn't buy her flowers. She was too U.S.-centric. She couldn't get me the UK weather. Then, she disappeared for several days on end and I heard NOTHING. Thought she was gone with all my information. She came back with her tail between her legs but it was too late. Once bitten twice shy and all that. She may have changed a few years down the line, but I haven't felt the need to re-visit.

One thing about IGoogle is that it has been reliable throughout and because the Google giant is so big, I don't expect my stuff to disappear into the ether any time soon. I also use Google Reader as my RSS agregator and I must admit that I prefer using the Reader interface to sift through all my feeds rather than have them listed in a tiny box on IGoogle. There isn't enough space for me there. However, picking one feed that is important or needs to be keep an eye on, Cam23 in this instance, is a useful devise and I would consider doing that again in the future.

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  1. Your post may not have any images but it was a v. enjoyable read, especially the Ms Pageflakes aside. Love the blog title too. I've added your b(l)og to the main Cam23 list so you are now official!