Tuesday, 27 July 2010

LibraryThing : Things 14 and 15 together, not cheating. Honest! And I'm not an alien...

I heard of LIbraryThing quite a while a go but never even looked at it to be honest. Today was my first time on the site and they must have some kind of IP recognition system in place because as soon as I was detected, there was a popup saying 'new to LibraryThing? Take the tour'. So I did...

I can see that LT would be a marvelous tool for small libraries with small collections and not a lot money or staff time available for cataloguing. The first 200 items can be catalogued for free and then after that there is a nominal $10 annual fee, or $25 for lifetime membership. Nothing really in today's money.

I really enjoyed the  Zeitgeist tab . This is a wealth of of great statistics from the over 1 million members. I could see that being very helpful for public library accessions. I flicked through the list of author's who LibraryThing but didn't recognise anyone! I'm obviously not that well read on American authors.  The Common Knowledge database also looks useful, although 'Data browsing has been temporarily disabled' appeared while I was there which is a shame. Apparently a new, more interactive version will return soon... so watch this space.

The Local tab search brought up my most local library when I put in my post code, although the search always seems to default to the USA, so not much use typing in 'Cambridge'. 'Cambridge UK' will work though. It looks like some book shops have an entry just for advertising purposes. Forbidden Planet is on there for example, but has no items listed. Heffers bookshop in the Grafton Center is also there! Description: ****Now closed**** replaced by a "pound store"! So, maybe take some entries with a pinch of salt.

Here is my site.

I nearly gave up trying to create an account because it wouldn't accept the author titles it was asking me for... I must be alien! I just added the books I'm reading at the moment from the Amazon database. The interface is very easy and intuitive. I think I might carry on with LibraryThing to replace the Virtual Bookshelf app. that I use in Facebook. That kind of sums it up really. I can't see myself using it in a professional manner, but it's a definite possibility for a virtual personal bookshelf.

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