Saturday, 10 July 2010

Top 5 tips and sites for 'free' images, Thing 10. Simples!

Where do you go to get visual content that is free to use? Free as in you don't have to pay, and free as in you are allowed to use it...

My top sites and tips are:

  1. Thanks go to Emma Coonan for pointing out this little gem. Set Creative Commons to 'only' at the top of the page to be sure of getting reusable content
  2. Images from Microsoft Office Clip Art is passé I know, but this site also has some great photos and backgrounds. It is easy to search by category, or refine your search using check boxes.
  3. Wikimedia Commons a huge database of freely useable media files which you can also add to yourself
  4. ImageCodr will generate ready-to-use HTML code for your web images. Takes the pain and hastle out of HTML code, licenses, attribution etc., etc,...
  5. Just search cleverly! Try a Google image search Then refine an advanced image search under 'usage rights' to pick up content that is labled for re-use. Same goes for Flickr Creative Commons where you can search under specific licenses


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