Thursday, 15 July 2010

Mmmmm, a Delicious Toolbar for your browser. Thing 12.

I'm guessing that if you are just looking at Delicious for the first time as part of Cam23, you will find it one of the most useful and practical web 2.0 tools out there, both from a personal and a professional perspective. So rather than go through the basics I thought I'd come at it from a different angle and write a post on a little widget I use everyday: the Delicious Toolbar.

I use Firefox and the toolbar like this: 

It has three parts to it (as marked out in red above):
1. The drop down menu

As you can see, this gives you the option to save a new bookmark, gives you access to a list of recently bookmarked URLs, a list of all your tags, and your most visited bookmarks. The latter is extremely helpful when trying to decide which bookmarks to have as icons in your bookmarks toolbar.

2. The shortcuts on the navigation bar:

The tag icon (on the left in the image above) brings up a very handy pop up which allows you to save a page in Delicious and add notes and tags. The Delicious icon (in the middle) takes you to your Delicious homepage and the bookmark icon (to the right) brings up a left-hand list of all your tags and bookmarks. (I can't put screenshots of all of these functions in as it would get a bit crowded in here, so you'll just have to have a go yourself!)

3.  The Toolbar:

This lists your most recently bookmarked pages, or you can change the view to your most visited pages.

The Delicious icon on the far left gives you even more display options:

So how do you get this delicious tool, I hear you ask...

For Firefox go to: 
For Internet Explorer:

There is also a toolbar for Chrome, but this is has a totally different layout:

Happy bookmarking!


  1. I've added the 'bookmark on Delicious' button to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar, but this post might push my over the edge into downloading the full toolbar...

  2. I do like it when somebody reads my mind and is is quick off the mark to boot. Whilst I'm thinking 'Gosh, that sounds useful, must try and find out how to do that ... eventually', Ms Marsh has very kindly posted foolproof instructions. Ta everso!

  3. If, having installed your Delicious toolbar, you come across a 'hide bookmarks menu' in the drop down menu section, click on it with caution! It does what it says and hides your normal drop down bookmarks menu. I had a bit of a panic when it happened and after lots of web-trawling came across the simple solution of going back to the Delicious dd menu to re-instate it. Panic is the mother of invention I find...